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12 December 2017

The Zimbabwe Peace Project is alarmed by reports of military officers attacking members of the public that have surfaced on social media. There have been alleged cases of military officers beating up members of the public with some cases being captured on camera.

Military officers made up 24.4% of perpetrators of recorded cases in the November monthly monitoring report that records human rights violations compared to only 0,6% in the previous month. These ranged from physical assault to intimidation and harassment. It is high time the authorities considered reverting to civilian order and withdrawing the military to the barracks.

Although the military has publicised numbers that members of the public can use to report officers’ misconduct this is not enough as the military is not in a position to objectively investigate and deal with its own excesses. Section 210 of the constitution says An Act of Parliament should provide an effective and independent mechanism for searching and investigating complaints from members of the public about misconduct on the part of members of the security services and investigating any harm caused by such misconduct.

The ZPP is worried that no such independent mechanism has been put in place to investigate the increasing cases of abuse being perpetrated by the military. Parliament must move with speed to craft the necessary act to curb these cases before more harm is caused. The military are not equipped to deal with civilians and their continued presence in public spaces is a danger to the wellbeing of members of the public.

If you are concerned about acts of violence in your community, ZPP encourages you to get in touch         with us on                                          Hotline and WhatsApp numbers

+263 774 883 406 and +263 774 883 417

Toll Free: 080 80199

Statement: Set up Independent Mechanism to investigate military human rights abuses

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