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Zanu PF primary elections are reported to have been finally held after serious factional skirmishes as well as political intolerance spearheaded by Zanu PF youths. It is alleged that a day prior to the primary elections a number of youths, who had been paid to carry out campaigns on behalf of candidates clashed near the Sino-Zimbabwe cement company in Chiwundura constituency. It is reported an MDC-T youth, Ashley Mdutshwa, was met in the crossfire and left seriously injured after he was attacked by the same Zanu PF youths. Mdutshwa is reported to have been stabbed by the Zanu PF youths at Gambiza business centre on 21 May for reasons that are still unclear but believed to have been political.

Details emerging are that the Zanu PF youths were campaigning for the primary elections.  The incident that saw Mdutshwa being stabbed was reported to the police but no arrests have been made to date.

MDC-T youth stabbed in political violence

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