July 2017

June 2017

June 2017 Perpetrators by sex June 2017 Victims by sex June 2017 Perpetrators by party June 2017 Victims by party June 2017 Provincial violations map June 2017 District violations map June 2017 Food violations June 2017 Types of violence June 2017 Intra-party violence

May 2017

Types of violations intra-party violence Distribution of Perpetrators Distribution of Victims Victims by sex Perpetrators by sex May food violations May17 Provincial Monthly Violations Map May17 District Vios Map


April 2017

April 2017 Food violations April 2017 Types of violations April 2017 Intra-party violations April 2017 Victims by sex April 2017 Perpetrators by sex April 2017 Perpetrators by party April 2017 Victims by party April Provincial Violations April 2017 District violations

March 2017

March 2017 Ddistrict violationsMarch 2017 Provincial vilations March 2017 Victims by sexMarch 2017 Perpetrators by sexMarch 2017 Perpetrators by partyVictims by party March 2017 Intra-party violatios    March 2017 Violations by typeMarch 2017 Food Violations

February 2017

February 2017 District violationsFebruary 2017 Provincial Violations  February 2017 Victims by sex February 2017 Perpetrators by sexFebruary 2017 Perpetrators by party February 2017 Victims by partyFebruary 2017 Intraparty violationsFebruary 2017 types of violence   February 2017 Food violations

January 2017 

January 2017 District Map   January 2017 Provincial Map  Jan 2017 Perpetrators by partyJan 2017 Victims by partyJan 2017 Interparty violationsJan 2017 Violence by typeJan 2017 Food violations


December 2016

December 2016 Provincial violationsDecember 2016 District Violations Victims by sexPerpetrators by sex Perpetrators by partyVictims by partyIntra-party violence Violence by typeFood violations


November 2016

November Provincial Violations November District Violations  November Victims by Sex  November Perpetrators by Sex  November Perpetrators by Party November Victims by PartyNovember Inter-Party ViolationsNovember Violencve by typeNovember Food Violance

October 2016

October Provincial Violations October District Violations Victims by SexPerpetrators by SexOctober Perpetrators by Party   October Victims by partyOctober Intra-Party ViolenceOctober Violence by TypeOctober Food Violations   

September 2016

September September 2016September Perpetrators by Gender September Victims by Gender September Perpetrators by Party September Violence by Party September Intra-party Violations  September Violence by type September Food violations

August 2016

Aug map  Aug 2016 Victims by Gender Aug 2016 Perpetrators by GenderAug 2016 Victims by political partyAug 2016 perpetrators by political party  Aug 2016 Intra party violatios Aug 2016 Distribution of ViolenceAug 2016 Food violations

July 2016

July 2016 District violations  July 2016 Provincial violationsJuly 2016 Inta-party violence July 2016 Types of violenceJuly 2016 Perpetrators by party July 2016 Victims by partyJuly 2016 Perpetratots by gender   July 2016 Victims by gender July 2016 Food violations

June 2016

June 2016 District violations June 2016 Provincial violations June 2016 Perpetrators by political party  June 2016 Victims by partyJune 2016 Perpetrators by gender June 2016 Victims by gender June 2016 Violence typesJune 2016 Intra-party violence

May 2016

May 2016 Provincial violationsMay 2016 Intra-party violence May 2016 Violence types May 2016 Perpetrators by political party   May 2016 Victims by partyMay 2016 Perpetrators by genderMay 2016 Victims by gender  May 2016 Food violations

April 2016

April 2016 Violence by typeApril 2016 Intra-party violations April 2016 Map2 April Map1April 2016 Violence by genderApril 2016 Perpetrators by gender April 2016 Perpetrators by political party April 2016 Victims by partyApril 2016 Food violations

March 2016

March 2016 District violations March 2016 Violations Map March 2016 Victims by genderMarch 2016 Perpetrators by gender March 2016 Perpetrators by party   March 2016 Victims by party March 2016 Perpetrators of political violence by ageMarch 2016 Victims of political violence by age  March 2016 Violence by party March 2016 Violence typeMarch 2016 Food violations

February 2016

Feb16 District Vios Map Feb16 Provincial Monthly Violations Map food 5 Male and Female Perp 5 Male and Female Vic 5 perpetrators pie chart ZimPF distribution 5

January 2016

Jan16 Provincial Monthly Violations Map Jan16 District Vios Mapfood 4Victims by political partyMale and Female 3 vicMale and Female 3 2All 4 1distribution 5All 4 2distribution 4All 4


December 2015

Food violations Dec 2015DistributionAcrossProvincesPerpetrators By Age Dec 2015Victims by Age Dec 2015Perpetrators By Gender Dec 2015Perpetrators by partyVictims By Gender Dec 2015victims by party dec 2015_1Types of Violence Dec 2015

November 2015

Nov15 Provincial Monthly Violations MapNov15 District Vios Mapnovember 2015

October 2015

october provincialoctober districtoctober statsoct2

September 2015

september provincial september districtseptember statssep2

August 2015

august provincialaugust districtaugust stats

July 2015

July15 Provincial Map3 July15 District Map2july stats

June 2015

June 2015 Provincial Monthly Vios Map2 June 2015 District Vios Map2june stats

May 2015

May 2015 Provincial Vios Map2May 2015 District Vios Mapmay stats

April 2015

April 2015 province vio map April 2015 District vio mapapril stats

March 2015

March_2015_province_vio_map March 2015 District vio map1march stats

February 2015

February 2015 province vio mapFebruary 2015 District vio mapfeb stats

January 2015

January_2015_province_vio_mapJanuary 2015 District vio mapjan stats