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While the world commemorates International Day of Democracy ZPP bemoans the increase of human right violation in Zimbabwe.

The day is commemorated annually on 15 September and this year’s theme is Democracy and the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development. In 2007 the resolution to promote and uphold the principles of democracy through honouring International Day of Democracy was reached at the United Nations General Assembly. It’s 2016 and we are holding on to hopes that in the near future Zimbabweans will reap the fruits of a democratic state.

In a country where we are constantly reminded of sovereignty one would expect that the citizens themselves fully enjoy their freedoms. Instead, we are seeing a situation where peaceful protests are banned, the president interferes with the judiciary, drought stricken areas witness unfair distribution of food and farmers still suffer unlawful evictions.

ZPP pledges to stand up and speak out when an authoritarian government cracks down on civil society, exerts brute force on peaceful protesters, silences legitimate dissent, or enacts legislation that violates the freedoms of association, speech, and press.

As ZPP we urge Zimbabweans to recognise this day and be reminded that democratic governance respects the rights of individuals and promotes peaceful solving of problems.

While working towards attaining sustainable peace by 2030, the organisation envisions a democratic Zimbabwe where there is peace, justice, dignity and development for all and is intent on achieving these through monitoring, documentation, advocacy and community peace building initiatives.

International Day of Democracy

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